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RosBE 2.0 RC4

by on Sep.28, 2011, under RosBE

Hi, after wiping out most bugs, here it is: LINK

– Updated parts of GCC
* gmp 5.0.2
* mpfr 3.0.1
– Updated pexports 0.44.1 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated make 3.8.2 (Amine Khaldi)
– Updated gdb 7.3-2 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated 7-zip 9.2.0 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.6.17 (Daniel Reimer)
– Bug 5426 resolved (Adam Kachwalla)
– Cleanup the options tool (Christoph von Wittich)
– Add Support for the cmake bringup branch. (Daniel Reimer)
– Renamed make.exe back to mingw32-make.exe to make cmake happy (Daniel Reimer)
– Add a way to modify the ccache dir by setting the _ROSBE_CCACHE_DIR Variable accordingly. (Daniel Reimer)
– Fix ccache build by setting a higher cache size and make it User customizeable with the _ROSBE_CACHESIZE Variable representing the allowed GB. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make the config.rbuild too old error non fatal. Now it continues to build, but I still don’t recommend it. (Daniel Reimer)
– Remove the old config command for rbuild. (Daniel Reimer)
– Modify clean command to be cmake compatible. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add cmake to the Version show up. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make cmake build failsafe if no cmake 2.6+ is properly installed. It shows a Information what to do now. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make RosBE silent by changing the variable _ROSBE_NOSOUND to 1. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make the log dir not dependent of the main tree. Use the current dir instead.
This makes is possible to have different logs of different branches separate in their own folder.
– New nice MSI Installer will come (Thx for the work goes to zguo aka z98 aka zwabbit)
– Add CCACHE_SLOPPINESS=time_macros if CCACHE is set active. (Amine Khaldi)
– Add the parameter “clean host-tools” to just clean cmake host-tools folder. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add the ENVVar _ROSBE_CMAKE_DIFF representing the Difference in name to be generated between more than one build folder if needed. (Daniel Reimer)
Follow Colin’s idea for a better RosBE folder structure and rename the Tools Folder to bin. (Colin Finck)
– Remove nasm/yasm and getincludes and any trace of it. (Daniel Reimer)
– Modified and updated build script for rosbe 2.0 (Colin Finck)
– Provide patched cmake and make sources to better suit our needs. (Colin Finck)
– Commit a patch by Troy Runkel to fix the implementation of the jobserver under Windows builds of GNU Make.
– Commit the patch containing Jérôme Gardou’s CMake improvements.

P.S. Win2000 Support is no more.

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Recent fun ^^

by on Aug.22, 2011, under General, ReactOS


I want to share some recent fun stuff with ya.
Number one: UniOS.
The “dev” calls it a perfect os supporting any Windows, MacOS and Linux apps. Check this:

Number two:
Nute Craze #1
Nute Craze #2

Have fun reading and feel free to comment here

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RosBE 2.0. Put ya wishes here

by on May.30, 2011, under ReactOS

Hiho guys.
As the last ReactOS Project meeting showed the urgent need to get a new RosBE done with cmake support and a new GCC, here a possibility for ya to get you wished realized.

– Well, the cmake support is already there inside the new scripts inside SVN. It detects if there are cmake build files and if so, it will use cmake to build ROS. Otherwise it will fall back to RBUILD. This works like a charm and follows the structure being given in the configure scripts inside the cmake compatible trees. But you just need to type make MODULE or makex MODULE as always before.
– I already tried to make a new GCC 4.6 and it even built, but it produces quite some strange crap, so I will have to retry later ^^
– The path variable will be fully overwritten again, because it makes problems in certain cases, like cmake with a sh.exe inside %PATH%.

Now the main part of my post. Any wishes? Any features you want? Feel free to post em here or send em via mail HERE

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Internship rocks!

by on Jan.12, 2011, under General, ReactOS, RosBE

Hey guys. Yeah I am not writing much these days, but thats due to my internship and my fully planned weekend (PARTY). The company rocks. Everyone is nice. Work is nice. My internship leader is a great guy. What more do ya want? I learned that Server 2008 is a nice OS and it really is far superior to Linux. (Feel free to hate me now 😉 ) I learned that printers suck, especially HP Universal Printer Driver Controlled ones and Canon ones! Sooo, everything is great, except the school. We have Religion and Sports, WOW, really important for a IT guy! Sports is dancing and gymnastics ad the Relgion guy called my a militant atheist with affections to Nationalsocialism. Thx man, I hate you, too! 😛

I wont forget my work on RosBE of course. I already added support for CMAKE, which will become the main build system after our sucky rbuild. I made many fixes, too, so you can expect a nice and clean RosBE with GCC 4.5.X soon. rbuild support will still stay for a while, but feature freezed. It just sucks too much to investigate more time to it. But why am I telling ya? You KNOW it anyway 😉

Ah btw, visit us at CLT2011! LINK

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Teh Wine Patch0rrrz

by on Nov.01, 2010, under ReactOS

Hi, another small update. My job takes more time as university did, oh wow, who would have guessed it would 😛

I made a nice, full winesync to the recent Wine release Version. It needs to be commited, but I dont have much time next week and testman is still down, so we have to wait anyway.

HERE is the archive with the two patches. Please, at least test it and if you have much spare time, commit some of it. Thx

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After a break…

by on Sep.30, 2010, under General, RosBE

… I am back here. As some already know, I started an internship in a Auditing and tax consulting company in the IT. Its quite nice there. Everyone is friendly, work is real fun. Work times are not that regular, but who cares? I get home early enough to still do my Moderator Job at the ReactOS Forums and to play some SNES 😉 Well, most times. Last week on one day I worked for 16 hrs meaning from 7:45 am to 0:30 (+45 min break)… At that day I wanted to go to my bed and stay there for the next two days. But, nope. When I arrived at home (we were outside the company at that day and it was more far away) it was 1:30 and thus I was able to sleep 5 hours before I had to get up for work… wow, I was soo dead the next day.

Regarding RosBE.

Changes will happen very soon. A migration to GCC 4.5.1, new binutils and cmake is getting very close. RBUILD sucks way to much to be kept alive, so we change over to another beast doing a way better job. This work is mostly done by Amine Khaldi, but many other devs, pissed because of RBUILD’s crappiness, help in recent days to get things work properly.

Thats it for now.

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MinGW-w64 32 bit GCC for testing

by on Jul.28, 2010, under ReactOS

I compiled the same GCC I used for RosBE64 1.4 for 32 bit, too.
Feel free to test it. LINK

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Here it is.

by on Jul.28, 2010, under ReactOS

Happy testing. Its not on yet and will be uploaded as soon as some guys did test it.

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RosBE64 1.4 is near

by on Jul.28, 2010, under RosBE


now that my wine sync wave is done I decided to get back to GCC and started a new 64 bit gcc build after Timo Kreuzer asked for one.

It contains:
GCC 4.5.0 release

Link will follow today or tomorrow.

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Me at pofacs.

by on Jul.03, 2010, under ReactOS

Hi, yesterday the recent pofacs podcast with me being interviewed went online. Happy listening 😀

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