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RosBE 2.2.1 released

by on Jun.04, 2020, under ReactOS, RosBE

This is a lil bugfix release.

Due to some bug in our build script mingw-w64 was not behaving as expected. This is fixed now.

CMAKE was updated to 3.17.2 too.

Well, not much more. I cleaned up a bit and removed a experiment of the past AND updated all the copyright headers.

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RosBE 2.2.0… the journey is over ^^

by on May.06, 2020, under ReactOS, RosBE


  • Updated GCC to 8.4.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • i686-w64-mingw32 AND x86_64-w64_mingw32 (optional) in one setup!
  • Updated binutils to 2.34 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated mingw-w64 to 6.0.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Flex to 2.6.4 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated CCache to 3.7.9 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated Bison to 3.5.4 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated 7Zip to 19.00 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Make to 4.2 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Diffutils to 3.7 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Patch to 2.7.6 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Fixed Desktop shotcuts removal on uninstall (Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Ninja to 1.10 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated cmake to 3.17.1 and made bin folder lower case to make it happy (Colin Finck)
  • Fixed Powershell version access rights and bad regex (Daniel Reimer)
  • Wiped some not needed anymore dependencies from /bin (Colin Finck, Mark Jansen)
  • MASSIVE XP support overhaul for all used 3rdparty tools (Colin Finck)

This one took a while as you all noticed. Why? Different things. GCC did not behave as we expected and wanted it to, Some internal discussion regarding XP support staying alive or not any way more. In the end we managed to: Keep XP working and thus have a way newer XP working CMAKE and Ninja AND Flex/Bison thx to Colin Finck and his enomous work to get this real. So after YEARS we have a official release for you!

Windows: (My toy)

Linux: (Colin’s toy)

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RosBE 2.2.0 BETA

by on Oct.03, 2019, under ReactOS, RosBE

Hello, long time noting new here… Well, now we do. This is a in theory working release with a big bunch of new stuff added. Thx to this fact it does not really build all of the tree yet. So be WARNED!


  • Updated GCC to 8.3.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • i686-w64-mingw32 AND x86_64-w64_mingw32 (optional) in one setup!
  • Updated binutils to 2.32 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated mingw-w64 to 6.0.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Flex to 2.6.4 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Bison to 3.3.2 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated 7Zip to 19.00 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Make to 4.2 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Diffutils to 3.7 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Patch to 2.7.6 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Fixed Desktop shotcuts removal on uninstall, hopefully (Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Ninja to 1.9.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated cmake to 3.15.2 and made bin folder lower case to make it happy (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Fixed Powershell version access rights and bad regex (Daniel Reimer)

Download is here:

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RosBE 2.1.6 released

by on Feb.04, 2018, under ReactOS, RosBE

Here another bugfix release


– Removed sSVN command and SVN due to GIT merge of ReactOS code base. (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Flex to 2.6.3 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated WGet to 1.19.4 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Ninja to 1.8.2 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated CMake to 3.2.1 + VS2017 support (Amine Khaldi)

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RosBE 2.1.5 released

by on Aug.07, 2017, under ReactOS, RosBE

After some russian guy goes on my nerves way too often to ignore him, here a lil bugfix release for the poor minded ppl out there who don’t know how to search Jira for known bugs, applying a fix and be happy with it.
– Btw, it’s not a nice way to go telling everyone that the whole russian community is too stupid to do that which he clearly did more than once by DEMANDING a fix release for the whole “poor” russian community.
– Btw #2, saying that the whole russian communty is not able to realize that a 32 bit OS is not that suitable for development anymore these days is the same thing IMHO.


– Changed ninja to Win32 build (Hello jeditobe…) (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.9.6 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated options to give the user a way to select how to handle the system path var (Daniel Reimer)
– Fixed Bugs:
ROSBE-97: RosBE.cmd should not use %PATH% (DopefishJustin)
ROSBE-112: RosBE 2.1.4 i386 contains x64 executable for ninja (breaks compatibility to x86 hostOSes) (reactosfanboy)

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RosBE 2.1.4 released

by on Mar.13, 2017, under ReactOS, RosBE

After a long time, here another bugfix release.

– Updated SVN to 1.9.5 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated 7Zip to 16.04 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated WGet to 1.19.1 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated NSIS to 3.01 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Ninja to 1.7.2 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Flex to 2.6.3 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Bison to 3.0.4 (Daniel Reimer)
– Added experimental GlobalSign Root CA updating to installer for XP users (Daniel Reimer)

Fixed Bugs:
– ROSBE-84: SSVN STATUS command reports “branch does not exist” by middings
– ROSBE-88: ssvn create fail by leha-bot
– ROSBE-89: RosBE Updater is not worked properly by leha-bot
– ROSBE-96: Correct SSVN when RosBE installation directory includes a space by Roel Messiant
– ROSBE-105: RosBE-Windows Clean.cmd doesn’t clean most files by Colin Finck


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RosBE 2.1.3 released

by on Sep.07, 2015, under RosBE

Another new version of RosBE Installer. Mostly bugfixes, but important ones ^^

– Fix BISON regression… (Daniel Reimer)
– Fix 7z missing dll… (Daniel Reimer)
– If no MSVC is used, don’t try to read the registry key to get the install dir of it. (Daniel Reimer)
– First try to auto detect MSVC if you use params like “vs x86” in a shortcut (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.8.14 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated WGet to 1.16.3 + OpenSSL 1.0.2d (Daniel Reimer)
– Reverted to MSYS diff due to popular demand (Amine Khaldi)
– Improved Icons for RosBE-Windows (Jared Smudde / ROSBE-71)


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RosBE 2.1.2 released

by on Aug.17, 2015, under ReactOS, RosBE

Finally a new version of RosBE Installer. Most of the work happened during ReactOS Hackfest in Aachen. Have as much fun with it as I had at making over there ^^

– Updated WGet to 1.16.3 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated 7Zip to 15.06 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Bison to 3.0 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Flex to 2.5.37 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.8.13 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Diff to new one from CollabNet SVN build and added diff4. (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Ninja to 1.6.0 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated CMake to 3.2.1 + TLS/SSL support (Amine Khaldi)
– Fix raddr2line wrong folder bug (Christoph von Wittich)
– Added Ninja version output to version header (Daniel Reimer)
– Installer now sets BIN folder in real path variable for MSVC users (Daniel Reimer)
– Removed useless settings from options tool (Daniel Reimer)
– Fixed default colors in RosBE (Daniel Reimer)
– Added version to shortcut names due to popular demand (Daniel Reimer)


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FPU works

by on May.27, 2015, under ReactOS, RosBE

Today, after some stressful coding time for him and all the testers, like Mysoft, hbelusca and a guy who does not want to be mentioned, [TheFlash] activated NTVDM’s FPU emulation in the NTVDM BIOS meaning that any app now detects an available FPU in the emulated 486 PC. Before some apps ignored that and just threw the commands to the emulated hardware waiting and hoping for an answer. That resulted in some nice problems due to missing features and bugs in the FPU emulation at that time. But some apps activated an own emulation thx to that (QBasic for example). Even these apps will now use our own FPU. It MIGHT be possible that regressions occur now due to that and maybe still existing bugs. But even in the maybe still buggy state, some apps are really happy about the FPU bein available now.

Bayern/Deutschland/Europa Wega Geography learning and Hunger:

Tunnel B1:

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ReactOS builds for x64 and ARM!

by on May.15, 2015, under ReactOS, RosBE

some news for all ppl out there who ask again and again about support for something else than x86 architecture support.
This was a big problem in the past due to missing Structured Exception Handling support in GCC at all except our implementation which ONLY works on x86 due to some ASM magic. This was resolved by fully supporting MSVC for a while now.
Structured Exception Handling is a powerful feature of MSVC to handle hardware and software exceptions in the software easily and identically. Without it most exceptions can’t be taken care of at all and RectOS would not even boot to a certain extent.
It’s not new that x64 building was already possible in the past by using MSVC which includes SEH for x86, x64 and ARM, but after some Wine syncs and other commits it broke down for a while then. Recently this was fixed in main trunk and I did the same for rosapps subfolder, too. So you can build ReactOS for x64 again. (With all the stuff from rosapps) Don’t expect it to boot yet! Problem here is the MM which is not really working on x64 builds yet. You can try the apps on a 64 bit Windows though.
And some very new thing… Beginning with r67740 ReactOS builds for ARM, too. Timo Kreuzer made some effort to get it build and succeeded. Some stuff is based on STUBS, but it does generate valid code. Same here… don’t expect it to boot yet. Same MM problems like x64 has and additionally the STUBS which need a real implementation, too. BUUUT it is a big milestone to get it build at all and in theory these apps should start on a jailbroken Windows RT just fine.
So, install or dig out your MSVC today and try it out. Most important feature of these builds does count for x86 too… the best Windows debugger ever works fine: WinDBG. Yes, this is the one MS uses for Windows, too AND you can use it in all it’s glory for ROS debugging ^^

Link of interest: HERE

P.S. I added some support for MSVC into RosBE. If you wanna try out: copy the new scripts from to your RosBE setup and make a new shortcut containing these parameters: PATH\TO\RosBE.cmd vs MSVCVERSION MSVCARCH. Example for VS 2013 bulding a x86 build: PATH\TO\RosBE.cmd vs 12 x86.

Regarding the MSVC Versions:
MSVC++ 12.0 (Visual Studio 2013)
MSVC++ 11.0 (Visual Studio 2012)
MSVC++ 10.0 (Visual Studio 2010)
MSVC++ 9.0 (Visual Studio 2008)
MSVC++ 8.0 (Visual Studio 2005)
MSVC++ 7.1 (Visual Studio 2003)

This is it for today. Have fun with testing. ^^

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