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Next RosBE… funny things to get there…

by on Jun.02, 2021, under ReactOS, RosBE

This post will be edited a few times I guess.

I try to publically sum up all stuff we need to get a RosBE with a working amd64 compiler.


First we need plugin support inside GCC. This seems to be default on *nix, but Windows has a special hackish implementation for that.

To use it we need to add –enable-plugin to the configure parameter list of both the 32 bit host and 64 bit guest cross compiler.

We need a newer GCC OR fix two lines to make plugin support build at all:


— $(INSTALL_DATA) cc1$(exeext).a $(DESTDIR)/$(plugin_resourcesdir)/cc1$(exeext).a
++ $(INSTALL_DATA) cc1$(exeext).a $(DESTDIR)$(plugin_resourcesdir)/cc1$(exeext).a


— $(INSTALL_DATA) cc1plus$(exeext).a $(DESTDIR)/$(plugin_resourcesdir)/cc1plus$(exeext).a
++ $(INSTALL_DATA) cc1plus$(exeext).a $(DESTDIR)$(plugin_resourcesdir)/cc1plus$(exeext).a 

( Already fixed upstream;a=blob;f=gcc/c/;h=a1cdee87264bcccffd3806f1c82be1ece3570723;hb=HEAD#l168 )

To get GMP in a plugin supportive manner I decided to build it twice! Once GCC does that because gmp is in the source tarball and once for the hackish plugin support!



Newer one or applying that patch is mandatory:;a=commitdiff;h=d039200a7ee8ac170afbdc3b987af553c07fb6a3



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