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RosBE 1.5 RC4!

by on Jan.31, 2010, under RosBE

Hiii, news on the RosBE Windows Front.
Here it is, the newest RC for the next big step, RosBE 1.5:

Changes since RC2 are:

– Updated GCC to 4.4.3 (including backported GCC r153606) (Colin Finck)
* gmp 4.4.3
* mpfr 2.4.2
– Updated SVN to 1.6.9 (Daniel Reimer)
– Added kdbg Command (Jan Roeloffzen, Daniel Reimer)
– Replaced raddr2line with log2lines v1.11 (Jan Roeloffzen, Daniel Reimer)
– Added piperead Tool for log2lines fully working in Powershell (Jan Roeloffzen, Daniel Reimer)
– Reworked clean command to be more restrictive and secure
and being able to clean other repos except the main one (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
– Clean up from some app calls where the app’s path is in the PATH Var (Daniel Reimer)
– Cleaned up Host-GCC Path being added twice to the PATH Var (Daniel Reimer)
– Work on the Update Script: (Daniel Reimer)
* Theres no need for a loading routine for 7z.exe anymore. Its included in RosBE now
* Added some Status Messages telling if stuff succeeded or not
– Removed the address translation from the raddr2line script. Its done in the tools now (Daniel Reimer)
– Fixed the Core detection in makex for PS. Added a global setting to the variable
containing the number of cores. (Daniel Reimer)


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RosBE 1.5 RC2 is here!

by on Jan.10, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, I just uploaded RosBE 1.5 RC2 which uses my first self built GCC since ages. 😀 Was a real pain to get it build, but now its here and compatible to Colin’s demands. Full list of changes since 1.4.5 is:

– Updated Binutils to 2.20.51-20091222 (snapshot)
– Updated GCC to 4.4.2 (including backported GCC r153606)
– Updated MinGW Runtime to 3.17 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated w32api to 3.14 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated NSIS to 2.46 (Daniel Reimer)
– Added Remake command (Daniel Reimer)
– Replaced raddr2line with log2lines v1.9 (Daniel Reimer)
– Added a chinese translation to the options tool (Elton Chung)
– Added ARM Arch support to RosBE (Daniel Reimer)
– Added ARM Settings to options.exe, too (Daniel Reimer)
– Fixed a few renaming bugs (Daniel Reimer)
– Fixed makex in the PS Version which was broken due to a “}” too much (Daniel Reimer)
– Moved update Server from to No banners, no ads, no size limit and free!! (Daniel Reimer)
– Rename mingw32-make to make. Its platform independent (Daniel Reimer)
– Merge the 32 bit and 64 bit options tool in one file (Daniel Reimer)
– PS1 options script now waits for options.exe closing and then immediately sets all options active (Daniel Reimer)
– Tidy up existant and add more Target Compiler Paths (Daniel Reimer)

To build ReactOS with it you need the GCC 4.4.X fix patch from here: Bug 4810

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RosBE-ARM in the works.

by on Dec.17, 2009, under RosBE

in the last few days I tried to integrate ARM Build support into RosBE after Alex told me he wishes RosBE to support i386, amd64 and ARM. The first two are already real, so this was the last one we need to add. As we all know, we have our beloved ARM Bringup Ninjas, who try to port ROS over to ARM for a while now, so its not just a stupid waste of time to realize it. But there were many problems. For building we need to use cegcc, which officially is only available as *nix and cygwin port. Both are useless for me. Cygwin would run of course, but only with a full blown up cygwin backend installed and cegcc running in it. I tried around a whole day to persuade this version to run in cmd, but no way. It failed to find its components, even after modifying the GCC Search paths (I tried Windows, Unix and cygwin paths) with some env vars. In the ML of cegcc I found a guy called Sébastien Lorquet handing me a GCC 4.1.0 native Windows build he made for himself. It sorta worked, but generated some unexplainable problems and had a unreliable behavior. This morning Alex handed me a native GCC 4.4.0 Port from unknown roots (at least for me unknown yet), which almost built the ARM Port. So we are going in the right direction.

If you wanna try it, load RosBE-ARM 1.0 Beta1 and install it.
DON’T forget to extract these into your RosBE root folder, too.
There were quite some changes in the Scripts to support ARM, too. And you need to update the ones you use. If you only use CMD, you don’t need to copy the PS1 ones of course. Same for the other case. Good luck and feel free to comment your results.

Keep you updated

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RosBE64 1.3 is out……

by on Dec.10, 2009, under RosBE

Hi, wow… this version became obsolete quite fast.

Well we need a new binutils Version, to get the tree built now, so here it is:

Updated binutils to Version 7.12.09

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RosBE64 1.2 is out!

by on Dec.08, 2009, under RosBE

Hi, yesterday I finally released the most recent RosBE64 Add-On. It’s almost a year newer than 1.0 and after all those betas I made floating around, a hopefully stable release. You will need RosBE 1.4.5 to make it work as its only a Add-On compiler. All needed Scripts and files come with RosBE 1.4.5. You might notice that its smaller than RosBE64 1.0. Well, we use official MingW-w64 Builds and these are fully bloated by default. Well, if you load them @, you can dl a 150 MB 7z file. Thus I removed objc, objc++, Fortran and Java. No one needs those for ROS and together with stripping all executables, it made the GCC waaaay smaller than ever before.

Have fun.


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RosBE 1.4.5 Update 1 available

by on Nov.27, 2009, under RosBE

Hi, Today I upped a update for RosBE 1.4.5 which does two things:

– This update intruduces the new remake command. It fully rebuilds one or several modules without needing to write make MODULE1_CLEAN MODULE1 MODULE2_CLEAN MODULE2 etcetc.
– Some tidy up work for the PS Scripts.

Have fun.

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