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RosBE 2.1 open testing.

by on Sep.15, 2012, under RosBE

– Amine Edition –

– Updated GCC to 4.7.1 mingw-w64 (Amine Khaldi)
– Updated ccache to 3.1.8 (Amine Khaldi)
– Updated cmake to 2.8.9 (Amine Khaldi)
– Added ninja 120715 (Amine Khaldi)
– Updated nasm to 2.10.5 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.7.6 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated NSIS to 2.46.5 unicode (Daniel Reimer)
– Fix detection of all CPU cores in VMWare ESXi environment (Daniel Reimer)
– Stop SEGV from trying to fclose(NULL) in options.exe (Mike Nordell)

To use ninja instead of make, use “configure ninja” and ninja command for build instead of just configure and ninja.
Please test this excessively, too.


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Everything happened so fast…

by on Feb.15, 2012, under General

this morning I stil stroke her, now she’s dead… Thank you for the 14 years, I was allowed to know and live with you…

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Claire #2

by on Feb.15, 2012, under General

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by on Feb.15, 2012, under General

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RosBE 2.0 is out

by on Feb.12, 2012, under ReactOS, RosBE

ok… last but not least, RosBE for Windows Version 2.0 is out too.
This is one of the last steps to the upcoming cmake switch with dumping rbuild fully and forever.
The setup files can be found here:
Setup is the same good known NSIS based one for now. Just remove the old BE and let it install it over.
CMAKE usage instructions are here:

Big thanks for this release goes to Heis and Colin from the Unix BE team, Amine for not killing me taking so long for a release and dralnix and blight_ for doing the first steps to a advanced BE years ago. Miss you, guys ^^

As for Unix one, I fully dump the support for any earlier Version of RosBE Windows starting from NOW.

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Work, work…

by on Feb.03, 2012, under General

Vae, vae. Heu me miserum.
Two weeks of great time, everything went sorta well. Now I went to school again and this is a thorn in the eye of my boss every time. Well I was able to keep the mood fine for one and a half week now, but this day was… BAD. I had to do some stuff and did my best to get it done. Well except the fax I had to setup. I never did that before and thus had the decision between two phone plugs. Line or tel. Well, it’s a phone cable, thus I did put it in there. Afterwards I found out that this is wrong, but that happened thx to a not very nice talk with him… We ran around and tried everything to get it done and I did before, too. Never would have thought this is wrong and thus I did not ask too. This was the next point I was attacked for… And the old games like I am too slow (wanna bet when I worked too fast again?) I was kicked for not setting it up on the final place. It will replace our printer in the future additional to faxing. He kicked me already for changing to another before. (previous post) thus I wanted to start a test first. Well, seems like I did wrong again…

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RosBE 2.0 RC12

by on Jan.22, 2012, under RosBE


some more work happened here

– Fixed a Bug in rosbe.cmd.
– Updated svn to 1.7.2.

– Added new flex 2.5.35 and bison 2.5.
– Fixed radr2line to work on RSYM executables again.


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by on Jan.22, 2012, under ReactOS

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by on Nov.18, 2011, under General

Hi, sorry for not doing anything on rosbe these days. I have a slight spare time problem… Work can be a curse from time to time. At the beginning I loved it there, sometimes I was 4-6 hours longer there to learn from my Training manager. He is a very skilled it guy and you Lerner stuff from him you would have to learn by books for months. It was real fun there together with him… For about 4 months. After that I started to do stuff myself and of course made some mistakes. Stuff from loosing a printer password to the smallest things like name a shortcut wrongly. At first he explained my mistakes, what was wrong and how to do better, the way it should be. Well it did not stay this way. Some things were not explained in a way understandable for beginners. If someone tells ya to replace all old LAN cable and you find cat5 and cat5.5 AND cat6, which would you replace? I kept the cat6 and was accused to act arbitrarily. You try to be friendly to everyone and as result are liked at work and what’s coming from him? Being called a wryneck and that he hates people who don’t follow a straight path. First sleepless nights causing accusation was that I do my mistakes intentional and to harm his image at work. Not very funny to hear such things. Trying to argue with him is no good idea too, because he is always right in his opinion. He says that there’s no need for discussion because he exactly knows what I did and why. Niiice. If you continue to argue he starts to get really angry and I once was close to get hit by him. He was already standing with pulsing fists. You hear you should ask if something is not fully understood, sure good idea, but not if you have to fear that he once said this to you or it’s to simple in his opinion. I won’t explain the reaction now, I think you can imagine. Thus you try your best to get things done the right way, being verbally kicked every second day and try to survive. He claims I said something quite wrong ages ago, you deny to have said it which is answered with a rhetoric question if I call him a liar… Every time you make a mistake he starts to rephrase the former ones again and again kicking you again and again for doing them. Result of this, being attacked for three hours some times. I have to send him every status update in written form because he tends to overhear things I tell him, but he tells me important stuff and if I dare to overhear anything, yaaaay. Cool thing is when he get contrary. My boss finds out of my over 100 hours above my normal time after 4 months of work, because I am at work one hour before my training manager, normally stay as long as he does, but he works 45 hours a week and I do 39. Boss is shocked because of legal problems and commands not to make any more hours, even leave earlier if possible to get them down to zero again. This worked two weeks and I was kicked for every minute above a normal day, then he found out that I could “leave” earlier but stay then. This was done about two months, then he feared legal problems here too. Result, I have to leave in time, which lasted about three weeks. Today for example I was called lazy for leavin already. I have 6.15 hrs on Friday and thus I have to leave at three o clock according to his commands… Well his former ones. When he is in a good mood sometimes it can be a really great day, but if he is not, it’s hell these days again after three weeks of good mood. Worst thing is being called a weakling for just sitting there letting him be in his rage, waiting for a hint when I can continue to work. I gave up to argue, it does not help at all, more the opposite is the case… Sure I could go to our boss trying to find a solution, sure I could fight back again, but I have to survive there for almost 1.5 more years and I am not even sure if I manage it in the current situation and for sure even less sure after sitting in my bosse’s office…

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RosBE 2.0 RC7 and RC8

by on Oct.20, 2011, under RosBE


two small updates again.

– Added new CMAKE Version built by Amine Khaldi

– raddr2line in cmd and PS1 now uses addr2line.exe to stay dwarf compatible.


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