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by on Feb.03, 2012, under General

Vae, vae. Heu me miserum.
Two weeks of great time, everything went sorta well. Now I went to school again and this is a thorn in the eye of my boss every time. Well I was able to keep the mood fine for one and a half week now, but this day was… BAD. I had to do some stuff and did my best to get it done. Well except the fax I had to setup. I never did that before and thus had the decision between two phone plugs. Line or tel. Well, it’s a phone cable, thus I did put it in there. Afterwards I found out that this is wrong, but that happened thx to a not very nice talk with him… We ran around and tried everything to get it done and I did before, too. Never would have thought this is wrong and thus I did not ask too. This was the next point I was attacked for… And the old games like I am too slow (wanna bet when I worked too fast again?) I was kicked for not setting it up on the final place. It will replace our printer in the future additional to faxing. He kicked me already for changing to another before. (previous post) thus I wanted to start a test first. Well, seems like I did wrong again…

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  • Maxwell

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