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RosBE 1.5.1 RC released

by on May.15, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, its been a while, but here it is, RosBE 1.5.1 first and hopefully last RC:


– Updated NASM to 2.08.01 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated YASM to 1.0.0 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.6.11 (Daniel Reimer)
– Readded the old behavior of RosBE to ignore the System PATH Variable. Many ppl will love it as fix for overly stupid installed cygwin and WinAVR Tools.
  To activate it, make a system Variable named "_ROSBE_NOSYSPATH" and set it to 1. (Daniel Reimer)
– sSVN: Make use of the http:// protocol instead of the svn:// one. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add remakex command to RosBE. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add sound output on finished build. On PS we have one for a successful and one for a failed build. On CMD we have just one for now, if you let it generate a LOG File. (Daniel Reimer)
– Made a small modification to be able to ask for help for ps commands in RosBE, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Introduce %_BUILDBOT_SVNSKIPMAINTRUNK% as first of maybe more coming BuildBot Vars to skip the updating of the main trunk source when ssvn is used to do so. If its being set to "1" it only updates rosapps and rostests if existent. This is needed for Olaf Siejka’s Windows BuildBot project.
  As Default its set to "0" and thus all behaves as before. (Daniel Reimer)
– Fix a access error when you start two builds in the same minute on a PC by adding the seconds to $TIMENAME, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Clean up $DATENAME which included the year twice. (Daniel Reimer)
– Weaken the ROS Source Dir check in clean a bit so that it does remove the built stuff even if it did not even build any tool yet. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add the correct license to the audio files. (Daniel Reimer)
– If a custom output folder is defined, pass it to log2lines, too. (Mephisto, Daniel Reimer)
– Feature request by Olaf Siejka. The sSVN parameters "rosapps" and "rostests" were originally made for just creating rosapps / rostests repositories in the modules folder. Now it detects an existent repository and just updates that one. If there’s no repository or even no folder for the repository it first generates it and continues. Additionally you can set the revision you want to checkout or update to. "create" accepts a revision as second parameter now, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make sSVN fully multi Source Tree compatible by removing the dependency on the _ROSBE_ROSSOURCEDIR variable. (Daniel Reimer)


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