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Fight for your Rights!

by on Jun.18, 2010, under General

Something completely different today. Many of you already heard of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in short ACTA I beleive. Its a secretly discussed document which is meant to become a normalized way to handle eeevul copyright infringement internationally. In theory a good thing, but two negative things. Nr 1: The fact that this is done completely without the public knowing of the ingredients of this agreement is everything, but not democratic. Even worse, the ppl taking part have to make sure that nothing reaches the public. It tends to be pro lobbyists and contra democracy, as every decision of our governments in the recent days… Nr 2: It will contain rules to force providers into responsibility if someone does illegal things over their connections. This will for sure result in something like the Three Strikes Rule we already see in France. This more and moe tends to a moving to the freaky US Copyright models and will help noone except the one having so much money that they can plaster their floors with it. Of course this agreement is meant to just address the ppl making illegal things. (“lololololololrofl”) But its quite interesting to look at the possibilities this will have in the future. Like this funny baby, demanded by Axel Springer Verlag, the ones being responsible for the german shitpaper “Bild” aka “Blöd” and the Budra Publishers. Its called “Leistungsschutzrecht” which would consolidate the monopolic status regarding news and kicking bloggers in their asses if the quote something sounding similar to something the crappapers wrote. And this can happen very fast, because they demand that even parts of sentences and topics are their copyrighted material. So, you blog about a topic being openly discussed in these days and it might sound similar, good, nice, but not in their eyes. They try to weaken free informations you get from the net at any price. So if you blog, you might get your first warning in the Three Strikes Concept in the near future. This is our society… GREAT. I say, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!

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