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RosBE 2.1.6 released

by on Feb.04, 2018, under ReactOS, RosBE

Here another bugfix release


– Removed sSVN command and SVN due to GIT merge of ReactOS code base. (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Flex to 2.6.3 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated WGet to 1.19.4 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated Ninja to 1.8.2 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated CMake to 3.2.1 + VS2017 support (Amine Khaldi)

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  • Thompson

    in fact, I can not build rosbe for windows.
    i use several versions of nsis.
    but all failed, please kind to tell me how to
    or just write some doc and push it to github
    hope you don’t have much trouble
    please don’t destroy your own environment

  • admin

    Where are your problems?

  • Sam

    Hi, Reimi.

    This is a bit of an odd request, but could you please send me the latest version of RosBE for ARM if you still have any builds? All download links for RosBE are down.

    Me and my friend are currently attempting to put ReactOS on a Raspberry Pi. However, the only version of RosBE for ARM we can find is 1.0, a version that doesn’t seem to be able to be executed.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us out with this!

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin

      Well, reason is it’s not supported at all anymore because GCC has no SEH support by default and Windows/ReactOS NEEDS that. ( There is our hackish PSEH for Public SEH but this is evul assembler and only works for i386 architecture. Thats the reason why x64 builds will not show up built by GCC, too. Currently the only way to get sort of correct ARM and x64 output is MSVC. Anyways… ARM RosBE is 1.0 as last one I fear. If you need any help with MSVC ARM, feel free to drop by in here or at our IRC or mailing lists.

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