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RosBE 2.2.0… the journey is over ^^

by on May.06, 2020, under ReactOS, RosBE


  • Updated GCC to 8.4.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • i686-w64-mingw32 AND x86_64-w64_mingw32 (optional) in one setup!
  • Updated binutils to 2.34 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated mingw-w64 to 6.0.0 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Flex to 2.6.4 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated CCache to 3.7.9 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated Bison to 3.5.4 (Colin Finck)
  • Updated 7Zip to 19.00 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Make to 4.2 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Diffutils to 3.7 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Updated Patch to 2.7.6 (Daniel Reimer) (
  • Fixed Desktop shotcuts removal on uninstall (Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated Ninja to 1.10 (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
  • Updated cmake to 3.17.1 and made bin folder lower case to make it happy (Colin Finck)
  • Fixed Powershell version access rights and bad regex (Daniel Reimer)
  • Wiped some not needed anymore dependencies from /bin (Colin Finck, Mark Jansen)
  • MASSIVE XP support overhaul for all used 3rdparty tools (Colin Finck)

This one took a while as you all noticed. Why? Different things. GCC did not behave as we expected and wanted it to, Some internal discussion regarding XP support staying alive or not any way more. In the end we managed to: Keep XP working and thus have a way newer XP working CMAKE and Ninja AND Flex/Bison thx to Colin Finck and his enomous work to get this real. So after YEARS we have a official release for you!

Windows: (My toy)

Linux: (Colin’s toy)

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