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New Job, new life ^^

by on Nov.08, 2013, under General


long time no new post. This will be changed now.

After I successfully finished my training at my former company and now am a real System Administrator a new life began for me. They dumped me of course, but not without telling me that they know that I had a hard life with my former trainer and that they know their workers better than they think. ^^ Was a really cool talk at my last day. And now… No so called trainer calling you names and want to meet you outside to kick your sorry ass. No swearing because you did something “wrong” or more correct he thinks you did wrong, even if it works way better than his crap. No more calling you a traitor if you wanna have holidays. No more working till late night without being able to write down the extra hours. And after I changed my phone number, no calls from my former trainer, too ^^

Now I work at SOLOX, a IT Service company in Karlstadt. (Three years ago I sent a application there, too. But sadly I wasnt chosen at that time already.) It’s just simply great there. You can do your job at many different customers and learn new stuff every day. You work on your own and have some responsibility. I learned much more in the last two months there than I did in my whole training time. Luckily I taught the needed stuff to me by myself. My boss is great and if your work is alright, one of the coolest bosses I ever came in touch to. The others working there are a funny bunch of guys which you have to like the way they are. The days are really funny and still fulfilling, too. I hope I can stay there for a while (= looong time), because thats they way I imagined it to be working as System Administrator.

My former trainer now tried to get in touch with me by calling me at work. Luckily I told enough of my former experince with him that noone did let him through. This chapter is over for me. Forever! Next time my boss wants to take the call to get to know him ^^

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