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Finally, you won!

by on Mar.04, 2010, under General

After months and months figting against windmills for a at least almost clean forum by fighting against dumbasses like nute and no backing at all from the other mods I think its time to leave the forums at all for a while. I am tired of warning nute and being sheltered for it. I hate it that all disciplinary actions against him were reverted and I got kicked for doing something at all. I twice almost lost my status just becuse I tried to use the ways I was able to to make him STFU! Nute spreads BULLSHIT all over the forums and that way harms the project, but except me noone seems to care at all. I was asked more than once if nute is right with his stupid claims and was told they are afraid of the future of ROS because they think he is right. It was a week of fighting to make the others taking his rights to make new posts and edit his own to at least minimize the harm he causes, because they dont want to ban him at all. This starts to become like a few years ago with betov. Harming our Image everywhere just because he thinks its funny. Today nute opened a website reverting all our (especially mine) arguments by 360° and making us look like the bad guys. Noone cares at all. No, even more. I was told that its not easy to differentiate who is more harmful, me or nute. My last action was to split off this crap from a legit, but hijacked thread and dumping it into off topic, because I am not allowed to remove it, nor ban him finally. THX for the support once more! Sorry, but this starts to become bad for my own health and blood pressure. I am taking a break now!

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  • hefner

    Hey Kopf hoch ! Nute ist ein Idiot und wenn du jetzt aufhörst hat er gewonnen. Manchmal hat man es halt mit Leuten zu tun die sowas aufgeilt … und jetzt verpasst du ihm den Orgasms.

    An ROS bzw. RosBE arbeitest du aber noch weiter oder ?

    • admin

      Jo, es geht nur um meine Mod Tätigkeit. Ich werde auch da wohl nicht ewig wegbleiben können, dafür bin ich viel zu neugierig, aber eine kleine Pause, dass man mal endlich was tut und nicht nur an mir rumnörgelt.

  • NOTaMango

    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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