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RosBE 1.5.1 is out

by on May.17, 2010, under RosBE

So, after I fixed a last bug in the RC which rendered clean under ps unuseable, here it is. The rest worked well and is still the same as the RC was.



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RosBE 1.5.1 RC released

by on May.15, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, its been a while, but here it is, RosBE 1.5.1 first and hopefully last RC:


– Updated NASM to 2.08.01 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated YASM to 1.0.0 (Daniel Reimer)
– Updated SVN to 1.6.11 (Daniel Reimer)
– Readded the old behavior of RosBE to ignore the System PATH Variable. Many ppl will love it as fix for overly stupid installed cygwin and WinAVR Tools.
  To activate it, make a system Variable named "_ROSBE_NOSYSPATH" and set it to 1. (Daniel Reimer)
– sSVN: Make use of the http:// protocol instead of the svn:// one. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add remakex command to RosBE. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add sound output on finished build. On PS we have one for a successful and one for a failed build. On CMD we have just one for now, if you let it generate a LOG File. (Daniel Reimer)
– Made a small modification to be able to ask for help for ps commands in RosBE, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Introduce %_BUILDBOT_SVNSKIPMAINTRUNK% as first of maybe more coming BuildBot Vars to skip the updating of the main trunk source when ssvn is used to do so. If its being set to "1" it only updates rosapps and rostests if existent. This is needed for Olaf Siejka’s Windows BuildBot project.
  As Default its set to "0" and thus all behaves as before. (Daniel Reimer)
– Fix a access error when you start two builds in the same minute on a PC by adding the seconds to $TIMENAME, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Clean up $DATENAME which included the year twice. (Daniel Reimer)
– Weaken the ROS Source Dir check in clean a bit so that it does remove the built stuff even if it did not even build any tool yet. (Daniel Reimer)
– Add the correct license to the audio files. (Daniel Reimer)
– If a custom output folder is defined, pass it to log2lines, too. (Mephisto, Daniel Reimer)
– Feature request by Olaf Siejka. The sSVN parameters "rosapps" and "rostests" were originally made for just creating rosapps / rostests repositories in the modules folder. Now it detects an existent repository and just updates that one. If there’s no repository or even no folder for the repository it first generates it and continues. Additionally you can set the revision you want to checkout or update to. "create" accepts a revision as second parameter now, too. (Daniel Reimer)
– Make sSVN fully multi Source Tree compatible by removing the dependency on the _ROSBE_ROSSOURCEDIR variable. (Daniel Reimer)


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RosBE64 Beta2…

by on Apr.13, 2010, under RosBE


ok, we had some problems with our recent tries to get a vaild and for us useable GCC with MinGW-W64. After some tries and with the help of Kai Tietz from MinGW-W64 we managed it. Here is another try which uses GCC 4.5.0 and looks promising.

It uses:

– GCC 4.5.0 RC
– GNU Binutils
– GMP 5.0.1
– MPFR 2.4.1
– MPC 0.8.1-1
– MinGW Runtime 3.18
– w32api 3.14




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RosBE64 1.4 BETA released

by on Apr.10, 2010, under RosBE


after the recent efforts by Timo Kreuzer to make a self built GCC 4.4.3 with MinGW-W64, here a new RosBE64 Version. It was made with this manual plus some additional CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS to make a O2 optimized and stripped Version.

It’s modified to be built with “–fno-leading-underscore” which is needed to fix some recent bugs Timo stumbled upon.

It uses:

– GCC 4.4.3 Release

– GNU Binutils

– GMP 5.0.1

– MPFR 2.4.1

– MinGW Runtime 3.18

– w32api 3.14


Happy Testing!



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Another thing which might break Build.

by on Apr.08, 2010, under ReactOS, RosBE

Hi, after some recent problems with building ROS on my Notebook, I found the problem. It’s the Service configuration. I played with it a while ago when I found a so called “Secure” Service List here. After that I had serious build problems with sporadic “Access Denied” Errors which vanished when I rebuild the specific module. Today I tried a build on another PC with the same host OS and it worked great. I wondered and compared the Services List out of curiosity. After I changed all Services to the way its on the other PC, it worked great!

So if you ever had build problems, set the Services back to Default and load all RosBE Updates. If this still is not enough, feel free to send me a message.

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RosBE 1.5 Update 3 had to be fixed/updated

by on Apr.01, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, after I realized that the yesterday added WAV Player for the Batch Version sucked, I decided to remove it and write our own one. A small 6 kb app just playing the wav in its 1st parameter, nothing more. After that I realized that I did not even add the play tool to the Update yesterday… sorry for that. So please reset your statistics for the 3rd Update by typing “UPDATE delete 3” and then retyping “update”. After that you will have the Audio output at the end of the build process. In Batch only one, error or not. In PS it plays another when build failed.

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RosBE 1.5 Update 3 available.

by on Mar.30, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, today I released the third update for RosBE 1.5:

RosBE 1.5 Update 3

Updated contents:
– Add sound output on finished build. On PS we have one for a successful and
one for a failed build. On CMD we have just one for now, because it seems
to dislike my tries to get the errorlevel of make.

– Made a small modification to be able to ask for help for ps commands in
rosbe, too.

Download Size: 719 kiB
Extracted Size: 265 kiB

Its more in that update than you might think…

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RosBE 1.5 Update 2 available.

by on Mar.16, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, today I released another small update for RosBE 1.5:

RosBE 1.5 Update 2

Updated contents:
– Updated log2lines to version 2.2.

Download Size: 27.8 kiB
Extracted Size: 73.2 kiB

Only a small update, but worth it 😀

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RosBE 1.5 Update 1 available.

by on Mar.03, 2010, under RosBE

Hi, after the first period of ppl testing RosBE, we stumbled over some problems.
Thus I release a mini fixup today trying to handle the two problems mentioned below.

Updated contents:
– This update tries to fix some build problems some people experienced. A “Safe
Mode was added to RosBE now which is being triggered by defining a Env Var
called: “_ROSBE_NOSYSPATH” with value “1”. That way RosBE fully ignores the
System Path Var which made problems with some apps installed, like Cygwin and
– Additionally ssvn uses the http:// protocol now to fix some connection
problems some people had.

SIDENOTE: If you still experience build problems, try running RosBE with Admin
rights. If this fails, too, let me know.

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RosBE 1.5 FINAL!

by on Feb.08, 2010, under RosBE

today we will release RosBE 1.5 Final. After some remaining bugs, like the one which did let the setup fail at setting the Execution Policy on 64 bit Windows and the problems with getting the needed Information from GCC, we are done now.

Recent changes:
– Replaced raddr2line with log2lines v1.12 (Jan Roeloffzen, Daniel Reimer)
– Added getincludes from RosBE Unix. This makes the scripts way more logical and fixes a PS Bug
when you open several Windows at once (Colin Finck, Daniel Reimer)
– Fix for GCC Version showup together with Colin’s new Tool in PS. (Maciej Bialas)

Version 1.5
RosBE ARM 1.0

DONT FORGET! As soon as RosBE 1.5 is out, we wont support any older Version anymore, because we will remove most GCC 4.1.3 Hacks. This will fully break GCC 4.1.3 building, but will result in less hackish results with GCC 4.4.3.

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